Olives for kids

27 de March de 2023

Olives for kids

27 de March de 2023

The little ones love olives and with La Explanda Looney Tunes they will enjoy eating healthy and playing with their favorite characters.

They are not only good for their colorful and collectible cans, for the games and crafts inside each pack, for the surprise can, for the contests and online games… they are good because they are made with the best olives and the best anchovies.

As you know, olives are an essential part of the Mediterranean diet and their benefits and gastronomic possibilities are recognized throughout the world.

Their vitamin content (they are a source of vitamins A and E), fiber, minerals and many other nutrients come together with their striking color and rich flavor to make each bite a true delight for the little ones as well.

In addition, the anchovy-stuffed olives at the Looney Tunes Esplanade have been prepared with the smallest members of the family in mind. With a reduced content of 30% salt, its consumption will perfectly complement the daily diet of the little ones. Olives are the ideal touch to your meals, snacks or dinners. With them we make more fun dishes and the little ones enjoy food like never before.

Always under the supervision of an adult, and avoiding whole olives at an early age to avoid pits, we recommend that you use them in your favorite recipes or that you launch yourself with new proposals that combine other healthy ingredients.

Olives are very tasty, they improve our dishes, they help us prevent diseases, they provide omega 3 and omega 6 to our body and to that of our little ones and they are gluten-free

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