Ingredients: 25 g of fresh yeast (or half if you use dry yeast) 300 ml of cold water. 500 gr of strength flour. 60 gr of butter. 1 can of pitted black olives. 1 salt teaspoon. 1 brown sugar teaspoon. Preparation: First chop the olives and set aside. Sift flour, add sugar and salt. [...]

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Probiolives Project first results suggest that table olives potentially strengthen consumer's natural defenses. The research carried out that table olives could be the main probiotic fermented vegetable product on market in the future. Probiolives researchers latest data reveal that some of the lactic bacteria generated in the fermentation of table olives are better than [...]

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Aceitunas Cazorla has two new events next March: from 19th to 22nd,we will be in the IFE fair (ExCeL London) as Olives & Pickles in the Spanish Pavilion organized by FIAB, stand S2504-K. And the 28th and 29th of March we will travel to the MADE fair in Paris also with FIAB, in Parc [...]

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