The Spanish Technical Association of Flexography (ATEF) has awarded ONDUFLEX with the First Prize of Corrugated Preprint with La Sota tray design. We thank both ONDUFLEX and CARTONAJES VEGABAJA for their great work. Good teamworking that we love!

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Fancy a delicious spider? Part some cooked eggs on halves and scoop out the yolk. Mix it with tuna and mayonnaise, and fill the hollow with the mixture. Then, take some black olives and decorate forming spiders. You can make eyes with ketchup to make them more diabolic. Seen in: http://noticias.eltiempo.es/2014/10/31/7-recetas-faciles-para-halloween/

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Eating olives during pregnancy apport great benefit. In the Mediterranean areas where olives are eaten daily, nutritionists found out that consuming approximately 6 - 7 pieces per day, would help to keep the blood level pressure right. In addition, the most abundant fatty acid in olive is the oleic acid, responsible of decreasing cholesterol levels [...]

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As of the month of October, Aceitunas Cazorla opens its first office in the UK. Our colleague Piedad Mejías, Export Area Manager, will lead one of our most exciting projects of the year. This is another example of the genuine commitment of the Group in regards the export of our products. It will be another [...]

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See you at SIAL Paris 2016

From 16th to 20th October the main worldwide´s food fair is taking place in Paris: SIAL 2016. We are already preparing our entire sales team´s luggage, here we go! More information: https://www.sialparis.com/

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Black Olives with Pacharán

Ingredients • Black olives • Roncal Cheese • Pacharán • Cinnamon • Red berries Elaboration Mix the black olives, the Roncal cheese cut into small cubes and red berries in a bowl. Sprinkle with cinnamon, add a splash of pacharán and stir. Let stand over 20 minutes Recipe: http://www.elaceituning.es/index.php/aceituna-negra/96-aceitunas-negras-al-pacharan-by-nacho-garbayo

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