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Corporate Social Responsibility policies have been part of the organization chart and DNA of the Aceitunas Cazorla Group since our inception. A line of responsibility and action that laid our foundations in the past and that always sets us the direction to be followed by the Group.


We always treat and commercialize olives and pickles with the greatest respect for the environment. The conservation of our biodiversity and best practices in environmental management from the basis of our work and the work of our suppliers.


A Group in constant growth and evolution experienced in equal measure, and in parallel, by our main value: our human team. Currently, with more than 200 direct employees and with an objective: we want to continue growing to generate more opportunities to all those from the locations in which we operate.


A moderate consumption of table olives is recommended for people of all ages, as olives are a nutritious and healthy product. Therefore, many of our main CSR efforts and actions are focused on maintaining and promoting healthy living habits. Among its main nutritional values we would like to highlight (Source: asemesa.es):

  • Lipids: high in healthy fats.
  • Carbohydrates: low content.
  • Proteins: low content containing all essential aminoacids.
  • Fibre: Source of dietary fibre (ideal for a good functioning of the digestive system and colon cancer prevention).
  • Vitamins: rich in A and E vitamins (important compound for human body antioxidant protection).
  • Minerals: Sodium (recommended for people who exercise), Calcium (similar levels to milk), Iron and Magnesium (avoids the formation of kidney stones and benefits the functioning of glands, enzymes and white blood cells).
  • Polyphenols: notable source of polyphenols.
    Table olives contain the virtues of olive oil
    • Experts have determined that the recommended quantity for an adult would be 25gr of olives (approximately 7 olives) per day, which would substitute half a portion of fats (one portion of fat equals 1 spoon of olive oil).



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